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Click on the button to check out the newly released "Wonder Why" song from JM Viller feat. Freda Goodlett, Marc Starace, Marc Fox & JM

Freda Goodlett Band..... is Planning to return to the studio soon to start her new 2022 production "FUAM". Check back for more info
Freda Has been asked to join in on another Czech Tour with the Czech Funk Jazz band "Work, Shop & More" Summer of 2022. here is a clip from her first tour with them 10 years ago.....
RESPECT...... will also be performed by the Rigiblick SoulDivas 18 Dec 2021 Casino Zug click here for info.......

Unfortunately Theater Z will be closing this year. This will be the last event held there.

Leider schließt das Theater Z dieses Jahr. Dies wird die letzte Veranstaltung sein, die dort stattfindet.